Equipment goods

Heat treatment furnaces


The ovens we manufacture are designed, both technically and dimensionally, according to the specifications given by our customers, bringing all of our experience in this field. Depending on the type of load, treatment, material, etc., our technicians will create the specific characteristics of the furnace.
To achieve this we have different units for treatments:

Tempering furnaces.
Capable of working up to temperatures of 1,250°C with automatic loading and unloading systems. Prepared to comply with the most demanding standards such as NORSOK 650M.

Hardening furnaces.
Built to work at operating temperatures of up to 700°C, depending on the type of steel to treat, maintaining for a longer or shorter period, followed by proper cooling.

Normalising and annealing furnaces.
Furnaces made to release tension, improve composition, increase the hardness after welding or forging processes.

Surface treatment furnaces.