Equipment goods

Heating of ladles


Thanks to our ongoing relationships with our customers, especially during the use phase of the equipment, ININSER is always looking for environmentally-friendly solutions in order to minimise emissions and fuel consumption. Our heating solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers, as our equipment range is very versatile in both power and dimensions.

Vertical heating/drying system: Our machinery can be equipped with various movements such as: Tilt, vertical lift, vertical lift and horizontal rotation, combined tilt and lift, etc., as well as stationary equipment with trolley transport.
Horizontal heating system: This can be designed for one or more work spaces. The hydraulic or electric moving trolley allows for one or more stands.


The units are composed of four basic parts: column, turning arm, hood and combustion equipment.

Gas-air burner with low NOx emissions: high or medium speed and high radiation. The height of the flame ensures it will reach a high temperature at the bottom of the ladle with a very high uniformity.
Oxy-gas burner: Combustion with oxygen allows you to save up to 40% in natural gas consumption, as well as a radical reduction of emissions of CO2 and NOx.

The temperature control is programmable with heating curves in line with the process and the materials used, with options for measurement using optical pyrometers and with safety devices (gas valve tightness check, flame control, etc.) to comply with the latest European and international standards.