Equipment goods

Heating/drying of troughs


Refractory coatings used in the casting of the steelworks come in contact with the liquid metal and require an initial drying and later preheating to remove any traces of water, thus preventing explosions caused by hydrogen accumulation. It is also necessary to evenly dry and preheat the coating surface to avoid any cooling of the liquid metal which could cause problems in the proper functioning of the casting, as well as a deterioration of the refractory coating.
ININSER offers a complete package of services, from the design, manufacture, assembly and even start-up of equipment:

Robust equipment design
Uniform distribution of heat in the trough.
Increased duration of refractory coating
Combustion safety
Efficient combustion control
Programming of different process curves

The unit for drying and heating of the refractory coating of ladles is composed of three basic parts: column, turning arm and burners.

The combustion unit is composed of several burners, depending on the number of strands and the size of the ladle. These burners are head mixers and are called radiant to comply with the latest European and international standards.